Instagram Places Copenhagen: Historical Spots with Tasty Food

If you want to make an Instagram places Copenhagen list, you need some further information. In Copenhagen, there are so many places with Instagrammable spots. Many of them are restaurants, parks, or statues. So, if you want to enjoy your trip to this area, here is some information about the places.


In this place, you will see many old buildings that have a historical story. The interior is astonishing and luxurious. As one of the magnificent countries in Europe, Denmark has many areas that are so historic. So, if you go there, you can see many Instagrammable spots for your Reels.

This palace is big and old the best thing about this building is the interior and exterior parts that are so classic. It was built in 1750 and until now, many people like to go there. If you like history, you will love this place.


Eat something at Nyhavn as a wonderful canal is a good idea. Many people like to go there to see the hustle bustle during weekdays. But if you want to see the calm atmosphere, come there on Saturday or Sunday. There are not many activities and the situation is calmer.

When you go there, you can see some restaurants and cafes. You can also eat some butter cookies there. Butter cookies are snacks that are very recommended when you come to Denmark. Copenhagen is the face of Denmark. So, if you want to enjoy the landscape, eat some butter cookies at Nyhavn.

Danisa Butter Cookies is very recommended. It is a butter cookies brand that has a simple bucket. The bucket is easy to bring, so you can go to many Instagram places in Copenhagen list with these snacks. That will be a great idea to enjoy yummy food in these historical places.